in January of 2015 we decided we needed a vacation .A big one . We both quit our jobs and went backpacking across

Ecuador for three months . 1 pack each with everything we needed . Most places we stayed at we only had a small

room with a bed and a bath sometimes even hot water . So after 3 months we learned a few things . If they don't speak

English we should learn some of the language theres nothing worse than sailing through the town you were supposed

to get off the bus in ( happened 3 times ) . We don't need much space if we have things we can do outdoors . And we

can do with a lot less stuff . So in fall of 2015 we sold our house and moved into a 500 square foot mobile home and

we still have more room and stuff that we need. Life is not about who has the most but who lives it to the fullest, we are still working on it.

So we bought a house in Squamish , it was 1200 sq. feet and we renovated it . It was exactly what we wanted  nice yard

great location and I built a large covered deck with skylights so we could look up and see the stars at night . Every thing

was pretty good but we noticed a few problems .

1- it was expensive high mortgage , insurance ,  hydro.

2 - we were both working out of town to afford it.

3 - out of the 8 rooms we spent 99.9 percent of out time in 2 of them.

4 - we had 3 bedrooms and used 1,  in eight years we maybe had overnight guests 3 weeks.

5 - when we were working out of town we payed someone to keep an eye on the place , feed cat , cut grass.

6 - after a few years we still had boxes of stuff we hadn't even unpacked.


At Howe Sound Tiny House Co. we believe in having the freedom from over burdening mortgages and costs of living. Simplifying life for better quality living.


To design,  build and deliver top quality tiny homes for customers in Squamish, the Sea to Sky Corridor and Sunshine Coast as well as nation wide.


To design and build custom tiny homes to suite every clients needs for better living. We will only use quality materials in our homes, built on the highest quality trailers.

We employ highly skilled builders to ensure the end product is top quality.


To make it easier for people to live better quality lives with less of the stress that comes along with high costs of living by designing and building top quality tiny homes.

  • I firmly believe that if your environment works for you and your family, it translates into a better life.


— Candice Olson

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have a number of questions when researching the idea of owning a tiny house, we hope to answer a few  of the big questions below. For any further questions, feel free to call us, CLICK HERE

Who lives in tiny homes?

Tiny homes are great for young people, retirees, and anyone in between. It depends on the person and the lifestyle. There are tiny houses for one, and tiny houses that fit families with children and pets.

Why live in a tiny house?

Flexibility, no mortgage or high rent, and is enjoyable to live in! People cite money, the environment, and the lifestyle as reasons to go tiny. It is quick and easy to clean, beautiful and functional to live in, and allows you to keep the focus on fun activities that make life enjoyable!

How involved can I be in the design and building process?

Howe Sound Tiny Houses are 100% custom designed! We want our customers to be involved! Future tiny home owners will be guided through the creative process of designing their tiny home. The HSTH team will work extensively with each customer to ensure that his or her ideas and vision are heard.

Can I incorporate alternative energy sources?

Yes! We are happy to incorporate your alternative energy source ideas into your tiny home. We will discuss options with you extensively to ensure that your tiny house fulfills your needs.

Why not just get an RV?

Tiny houses offer the comfort and aesthetic of a regular home. They are cozy and cute, while having all the amenities offered in an RV or home. However, tiny houses are customized to suit your needs, and are made of high-quality and non-toxic materials. Additionally, our tiny houses are equipped with 3.5 inches of insulation, offering a tight seal that is unmatched by RVs in the winter.

What does moving a tiny house involve?

Tiny houses are heavier and less aerodynamic than RVs, so it is best to tow them with a large truck, like an F250 (or larger). Many professional haulers can assist you in moving your tiny home.